Where do our fashion products come from?

A significant share of the fashion products on sale at Stockmann's divisions are clothes that have been designed at Stockmann. For example, almost all of the clothes sold at Lindex and Seppälä are our own brand products that cannot be purchased anywhere else. The tastes and preferences of Stockmann department store customers are catered for by Stockmann's own fashion collections that are designed specifically for the customers and include the following brands: BEL, Bodyguard, Bogi, Cap Horn, Cristelle&Co, CUBE CO, Global Essentials and NOOM.

The journey of an own brand product starts on the fashion designer's table. Clothing collections are designed for a specific brand: 12 Stockmann, 35 Lindex and 18 Seppälä fashion designers create collections for their own units while also listening to suggestions provided by the buying and planning organisation and purchasing offices regarding materials and trends. Stockmann does not have its own clothing factories, so the own brand product clothing that is sold at stores is mainly bought through the six purchasing offices.  We buy most of our clothing from China (36 per cent) and Bangladesh (34 per cent). The country of manufacture is  marked in the product.

The manufacturing country is often selected during the initial planning stage when the material selections have been made. The speed of delivery is also taken into account when selecting the manufacturing country. Out of our purchasing office countries, Turkey is the most natural choice, due to its location, when a collection needs to go on sale quickly. India has special expertise in the embroidery and decoration of clothing and Pakistan produces excellent-quality denim and fleece products. Large batches of various cotton products are manufactured in Bangladesh and products which require precision, such as underwear, are manufactured in China.

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