Personnel creating the future of Lindex

The strength of the Lindex Souls coaching programme is using its personnel's expertise for Lindex's advantage. The programme's participators are carefully chosen, and they work in different roles in different parts of the organisation. What all the participators have in common, is that they are inspiring role models in Lindex.

Lindex Souls develops the company's operations for example by pondering which are the success factors of the future. The goal is to create new tools and practises that will benefit the whole chain, from buying functions to the stores. In 2014, 12 members of staff participated in the Lindex Souls coaching programme.

The mission for Lindex Souls 2014 participants was to be a role model, to express to others how their work reflects the Lindex values and how the values help them make everyday decisions at Lindex. The Lindex Souls’ stories were used to help everyone at Lindex to understand the revisited values and to be inspired to incorporate the values in their own work.