Tapiola department store project: #uuttastockaa

The new Stockmann department store in Tapiola will be opened in March 2017. The construction work in Espoo is progressing at full speed. The Tapiola department store will be completed as part of the second phase of Ainoa shopping centre. With the new unique department store concept we will offer clients a seamless, multichannel shopping experience, and make shopping at Stockmann even more effortless than before. According to our new strategy, the selection of the new department store will focus on fashion, cosmetics, home, and Delicatessen.


Customers’ point of view

We wish to hear from our clients in the planning of the new department store. In January 2016 we will launch a customer expert programme, which is active in social media.

The name of the programme is Uutta Stockaa Tapiolaan, and you can participate in the discussion or follow the progress of the project in social media with the hashtag #uuttastockaa.

In the spring 2016 customer experts will be invited to workshops with the themes department store experience, food & home, and fashion & beauty.


Articles published about the construction work of the new department store:
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