List of suppliers and factories

Stockmann's goal is to provide transparent communications on its responsibility issues. Therefore the country of origin is marked on all Stockmann's fashion brand products, and we also publish a list over the factories and suppliers we are using.

In April 2014, Stockmann was the first Finnish fashion company to disclose its supplier and factory list. The list is updated annually. The list covers the suppliers and factories with address information that Stockmann is using for its own brand garments and accessories (excluding shoes). The list is updated on 20 April 2017.  The list of suppliers and factories producing for Lindex is available on Lindex' web site.


Country of origin Supplier name Production Unit Production unit address
Bangladesh Multifabs Limited Multifabs Limited Kashimpur, Nayapara, Konabari, Gazipur, Bangladesh
Bangladesh Northern Corporation Ltd Northern Corporation Ltd Plot # 43-45, Bscic I/A, Tongi, Gazipur-1710, Bangladesh
Bangladesh Northern Corporation Ltd Northern Garments Ltd Plot # B-183,184, 200 & D-214, Bscic. I / E. Tongi.Gazipur-I710., Gazipur 1710 Dhaka - Bangladesh
Bangladesh Stitch Right Limited Stitch Right Limited Plotb5, Bscic Industrial, Gazipur, Dhaka, Bangladesh, 1206
Bangladesh The Fashion Island Ltd Knit City Ltd Shi 32/1, Mogorkhal, Gazipur Sadar, Gazipur 1705 Dhaka - Bangladesh
Cambodia Meridian Meridian Industries Garment (Cambodia) Limited National Road No.21A. Kampong Pring Village,  Setbou Commune Sáng District, Kandal Provence, Kingdom Of Cambodia
China Beijing Joywin Fashion Textile Beijing Joywin Fashion Textile Co.,Ltd  No.3 Yingchuan Street, No. 2 Yanqing Economic Zone, 102100, Beijing
China Beijing Joywin Fashion Textile Yongchun Nanli Knitting Co.,Ltd Nanxing Rd,B-01,Bangde Industrial B-01,Yong Chun County,Quanzhou, Fujian, China
China Beijing Joywin Fashion Textile Hong Xing (Cambodia) Int'L Kintting Co.,Ltd Village 2 Svay Rolom,Commune Dinstrict Kandal,Kandal Province,Combodia
China Beijing Joywin Fashion Textile Dongguan Changda Knitting Garment Ltd No. 237 Zhenxing, Yangkengtang Village, Road Dalan, Dongguan, Guangdong, China
China Cantex Enterprises Ltd. Cantex Ouhai Co., Ltd Liu Yin North Industrial Zone, No.8 Xian Xing Road, Xianyang, China
China Changzhou Ziyuan Garments Co.,Ltd    Changzhou Yingshan Garment Company  No. 58, Zhong Xing Road, J Intan, 213200, Changzhou, Jiangsu
China China-Base Ningbo Foreign Trade China-Base Eastart Tie&Garments Co., Ltd No.99 Jiajia Road, Shaoxing, Zhejiang
China Changzhou Global Apparel Co., Ltd Changzhou Global Textiles No. 58, Zhong Xing Road,Jintan,Changzhou,Jiangsu
China Dragon-Eyes Hong Kong Ltd. Ever Eyewear Co.,Ltd No.31 Qi Yunshan Rd,Wenzhou,Zhejiang
China Ningbo Dyon Imp&Exp Co., Ltd Ningbo Popmode Limited No.72-106, Gong Mao 1 Road, Jishigang, Yinzhou, Ningbo, Zhejiang
China Stitchway International Ltd (Finix)                Suzhou Jin Yue Fty No. 689 Fengting Road,Suzhou Industrial Park,Suzhou,Jiangsu,China
China Stitchway International Ltd (Finix)                Xuyi Finix Fashion  No.88 Xinhai Road, 211700, Xuyi, Jiangsu, China
China Golden Prospect Gmt (Hk) Co.Ltd Hangzhou Golden Prospect Garment No.85 No.1 Jianshe Road, Economy & Technology Development Zone, Xiaoshan, Hangzhou, Zhejiang
China Hondar Umbrella Ind Co., Ltd Kuntak (Fujian) Umbrella Ind Co., Ltd Hondar Bldg, North Ind. District, Meifeng Village, Dongshi Town, Jinjiang, Fujian
China Chagnzhou Jintan Hongyu Apparel Co., Ltd  Jintan Hongyu Apparel No 8 Simu Road, Jintan, Jiangsu, China
China Wenzhou Lonson Import & Export Co Ltd Wenzhou Haojie Leather Jian'An Village, Shuitou Town, Wenzhou, Zhejiang, China
China Lucky Zone (Shanghai) Co Shanghai Mantal Garment & Accessories Co., Ltd No. 200 Xiang Mao Road, Chedun Towm, Songjiang District, Shanghai
China Lucky Zone (Shanghai) Co Tonglu Junsheng Knitting Manufacture Sunjia Village,Hengcun Town,Tonglu,Zhejiang Province
China Lucky Zone (Shanghai) Co Luxury Fengrun Fashion Acc Co.,Ltd. No.58,Xinxing Rd,Gaoqiao Industrial Zone,Yuyue Town Deqing Zhejiang China
China Nantong Adoba Textile Co., Ltd.        Dong Fang Star Garment Ltd No 409 Chang Jiang Road, Nantong, Jiangsu, China
China Ningbo Seduno Group Co.,Ltd    Ningbo Seduno Knitting Co.,Ltd B Build Industrial, Estate A Section Chen Heng Lou, Guilin Town Yinzhou District, 315176, Ningbo, Zhejiang
China Qingdao Fintex Fashion & Garments Qingdao Fintex No.258 Binzhou Road, Jiaozhou, Qingdao, Shandong
China Dongyou International Haining Weiersi Socks Fty No. 5 Shuanglian Road, Economic Development Park, Haining, Jiaxing, Zhejiang
China Dongyou International Huzhou Kaier Industrial Park, Xinshi Town, Deqing County, Huzhou, Zhejiang
China Dongyou International Wuxi Meiyijia Knitting Fty Ganyu Road, Ehu Town, 214117, Wuxi, Jiangsu
China Shanghai H&G Intl. Trade Co., Ltd Nantong Maya Clothing Co. Ltd 27 Groups,Tangwan Village,Motou Town, Rugao,Nantong,Jiangsu
China Shanghai H&G Intl. Trade Co., Ltd Shanghai Leather Glove No.168, Zhou Jiabang Village,Xiao Kun Shan,Songjiang District,Shanghai
China Shanghai H&G Intl. Trade Co., Ltd Shanghai Di Jin Accessories Co., Ltd. No.188, Yang Jia Zhai, He Qing Town,Pudong,Shnghai,China
China Ningbo Way Developer Gmt.Co. Ningbo Fashion 10-1 Jinteng Road,Wuxiang Industrial Zone,Yinzhou,Ningbo,Zhejiang,China
China Ningbo Way Developer Gmt.Co. Ningbo Tengsheng Gmt Co., Ltd No 280, Qidu Road,Xiaogang Town,Ningbo.China
China Shanghai Shangtex Garment Co. Ltd Shangtex Garment (Huai An) Co Ltd No.638 Xiang Yu North Road, Huaiyin District, 223300, Huai'An , Jiangsu
China Shanghai Ginwin Industry Co.,Ltd Ginwin Industry (Cambodia) Co., Ltd Rd No. 8, Prey Chas Village, Vihear Sour Commune, , Ksach Kandal, Kandal, Cambodia
China Shanghai Ginwin Industry Co.,Ltd Nantong Bydesign Fty No. 88-116, West Changjiang Road, Hai'an County, Nantong 226600, Jiangsu, China
China Shanghai New Union Textra I&E Jinhua Yue'Er Arts&Crafts Co.,Ltd No.7 Jinju Rd, Yangbu Town,Wucheng District,Jinhua,Zhejiang,China
China Shanghai Ginwin Industry Co.,Ltd Nantong Bydesign Fty 88-116 Chang Jiang Road, Hai An, Nantong, Jiangsu
China Shanghai Velvet Gmt&Ado Co.,Ltd Shanghai Velvet Garment No 88, Lianxing Road, Pu Jiang, Minghang District, Shanghai
China Zhejiang C Stage Imp&Exp Co.,Ltd Stage Leather Apparel Co.,Ltd Jinxi Development Area, Tongxi Town, Jinhua City, Zhejiang Province, China
China Sunflower Apparel Ltd Ningbo Han Fang Apparel Ltd No.51,Qiyun Rd,Yinzhou
China Xinde(Beijing) Gmts&Apparel Co., Xinde Sweater Fty Zhoucun, Daxingzhuang Town, Pinggu Dist, 100000, Beijing
China Zhejiang Jiaxin Silk Corp.,Ltd. Jiaxing Chengxing Garment No.5 Jiaxin Silk Ind Zone, Xiuzhou Industry Area, Jiaxing, Zhejiang
China Ztx Fujian Kiddie Import & Export Co. Ltd Fujian Zhongkaixin Textile Technology Co.,Ltd No179 Yexia Rd,  Cangshan District, Fuzhou City, Fujian Province,China
China Creaton Enterprises Ltd Creaton Handbags Factory Tian Tou Jiao Management Area, Qiao Tou Town, Dongguan, Guangdong , Province, China
China Shanghai Jianglong Imp.&Exp Changshu Kailan Garment Co.,Ltd No.8 Penghu Rd., Dong Nan Industrial Zone, Changshu
China Ningbo Way Developer Gmt Co., Ltd  Ningbo Fashion Clothing Fty  10-1 Jinteng Road, Wuxiang Industrial Zone,Yinzhou,Ningbo,Zhejiang,China
China Ningbo Way Developer Gmt Co., Ltd  Ningbo Tengsheng Gmt Co., Ltd No 280, Qidu Road, Xiaogang Town, Ningbo, Zhejiang, China
China Pinghu Junsheng Imp&Exp Co.,Ltd Jiangsu Jinyang Garment Co.,Ltd No.3 Yaozhen Street, Zhitang Town, Changshu, Jiangsu
China Zhejiang Cathaya International Co.Ltd Deqing Huichuang Garment Co.,Ltd No.20 Qiaomo Road,Leidian Town,Deqing ,Huzhou  Zhejiang China
China Nantong Adoba Textile Co.Ltd Dong Fang Star Garment Factory Limited No409 Changjiang Middle Road  Nantong Jiangsu China  
China Juhani Mutka  Nantong Baijie Fashion Co. Ltd. Tonglu Sailin Gloves/Hats Knitting Factory, No.7 Liangyuan Rd Jiangnan Economic District, Tonglu, Zhengjiang 311500 China
China Juhani Mutka   Tianjin Tongshenglong/  Hengshui Guanyi Leather Products Co.,Ltd Hengshui Guanyi Fur Products Co.,Ltd.
Chuangye Road No.1,Xiyuan Economic Zone,Gucheng County,
Hebei Porvince,China

China Juhani Mutka Huzhou Universal Glove Co., Ltd N O. 2299, Sanliqiao Road, Huzhou City, Zhejiang Province, China
China Juhani Mutka Sanmen Tengzhou Leather Industry Co.  No. 358 Wenhua Road, Haiyou, Sanmen, Zhejiang Province, China
China Juhani Mutka  Hangzhou Evermax Imp. &Exp. Co/ Zhejiang Hengxin Leather Goods Jugongdi No. 51-1/2, Aoli Village, Shuangta Street, Nil, Nil,Jiangshan, Zhejiang China
China Juhani Mutka Hangzhou Evermax Imp. &Exp. Co/ Zhejiang Hengxin Leather Goods Tonglu Huahe Glove Manufacturing Co., Ltd, No 7, Yaolin Road, Tonglu, Zhejiang, China
China Lappi Hip Tak ( Dong Guan ) Facotry No.3 First Road ,Luxi Xixi Village,Liaobu Town,Dongguan, China
China Maxley Foshan City Shunde Xinweiwei Garment Co., Ltd No.4 Garden Road, Yungki, Shuntak, Guang Dong, China
China Maxley Zhongshan Bonnardic Garment Co., Ltd. Floor 3Rd, Block B, No. 240, West Wenchang Road, Sanxiang Town Zhongshan
China Meridian Changshu Hongshi Textile Products Co., Ltd Yanjiang Economic Development Zone (Dongzhang), Changshu, Jiangsu, China
China Meridian Shaoxin Hong Tai Knitting Garmnets Co.Ltd 33Hao-Huimin Street Chengguan Town, Shengzou City, 312400 China
China Million Source Limited Lyg Dongxia Garment Factory Industrial Zone Of Shahe Town, Ganyu County, Lianyungang City, Jiangsu Province, China
China Roberto Jeans Cynosure Garment Co Ltd Guan Dao Village, Sha Pu, Xin Tang Town, Guangzhou Province, China
China Roberto Jeans Ningbo Yinshou Kelly Fashion Co Ltd No.798 Hexiao East Road, Dongqiao Town, Yinzhou District, Ningbo, China
China Roberto Jeans Zhejiang Guanghe Clothing Company Ltd Xiwu Industrial Zone,Silu Town,Yongkong,Zhejia Ng, Yongkang, Zhejiang, China, 321311
China Varieta Jieyang City Gangtian Knitwear Co.,Ltd      Penglin Industrial Zone, Rongdong, Jieyang, Guangdong, 522000 Guangzhou, China
China Eurogloves Ab Shanghai Yanning Glove Factory No 5, B Zone , 435 Lone, Chognan Road, Xiao Kuanshan Town, Songjiang District, Shanghai
China Hans Company Oy, Gloves Nantong Royal Gloves  No 29, Haixin Road, Haihong Town, Haimen City, Jiangsu Province, P.R China
China Hans Company Oy, Hats Hangzhou Tonglu Xinyi
Knitting Co. Ltd.
Fangbu Industrial Park, Hengcun Town, Tonglu,
Hangzhou, China
China South Ocean Knitters Limited Bao Feng Knitting Co. Ltd (Zhongshan-China) Pingdong Industrial Zone, Sanxiang Town, Zhongshan City, Guangdong Province, 528463 China
China South Ocean Knitters Limited Zhongshan Nanlang Zefeng Knitting Company Ltd. (China) Cui Heng Industrial District, Nanlang Town, Zhongshan City, Guangdong Province, 10563 China
China South Ocean Knitters Limited Jiangxi Yongfeng Perfect Eagle Knitters Ltd. (China) No. 5 New Area, Qiao Nan Industrial District, Yong Feng, Ji An, Jiang Xi, 331500, China
China Sajaco-Brandahl Ab/Hk De Qing Tiansheng Gloves Co., Ltd. No. 130-1, Mei Ling Road, Xinshi Town, Deqing County, Zheijang, China
China Asc Sports Co.Ltd Xinzhan Shoes Co.Ltd Huangwu Industrial Zone,Dongkeng Town,Dongguan
China Hans Company Oy Zhejiang Baili Shoes Industry Co.,Ltd East Area Of Shengzhou Economy Development Zone, Sheng Zhou, Zhejiang, China, 312400 
Estonia Mascara Coats Ltd Mascara Coats Ltd Jaama 45, 44311 Rakvere, Estonia
Finland Topknit Oy Topknit Oy Kankaanpääntie 10, 29810 Siikainen, Finland
India General Commerce Limited General Commerce Limited A-1, Sector 5, Noida, U.P. (India)
India Instinct Instinct B-28, Info City, Sector – 34, Gurgaon Haryana India
India Mahajan Overseas Pvt Ltd Mahajan Overseas Pvt Ltd Post Box No 15, Industrial Area Panipat Haryana India
India Rashmi Fashion Bags Rashmi Fashion Bags B-52 Sector-5, Noida, Up India
India IR Accessories Pvt Ltd I R Accessories Pvt Ltd 154 M Plot No- 154M Sec-7 Phase-Ii Imt Manesar, Gurgaon Haryana India
India IR Accessories Pvt Ltd IR Accessories Pvt. Ltd 154 N Plot No. 154-N, Phase-2, Sector No. 7, IMT Manesar, , Gurgaon 122050
India Banox Banox Exim Pvt Ltd Plot No:19,Sec-4,Imt Manesar, Gurgaon,Haryana India
India Generation Next Exports Generation Next Exports Generation Next Exports ,B-9, Sector-88,Phase-2 ,Noida-201305. ,Gautambudhnagar-Up-India
India Juhani Mutka Aala Gloves No.99, Udayendiram, Vaniyambabi, Vellore-635754, Tamilnadu, India
India Mehul Exports Someshwara Industries Pvt Ltd. No 1, Dmr Garden, Opp, New Bus Stand, P.N. Road, Tirpur 641602. India
India Neeshaan Overseas Neeshaan Overseas Neeshaan Overseas,B-26,Sector 7,Noida, Uttar Pradesh, India
India Nr Silk N R Silk International Llp N R Silk International Llp, 2/12 – A, Angoori Bagh, Farrukhabad – 209625 (U.P.),India
India Rgc Inc. Rgc Inc. Rgc Inc,Plot No -450,Sector-37,Phase City-2,Gurgaon Haryana
India Shivmani Exports Pvt. Ltd. Shivmani Exports Pvt. Ltd. 138U Picnic Garden Road, Kolkata - 700 039. India 
India Sneh Fashion Sneh Fashions Pvt. Ltd. Hr-6, 1St Floor Sidhant Complex Sharma Market, Pulprahaladpur, New Delhi-110044
India Stichwell Exports Pvt Ltd Stichwell Exports Pvt Ltd P-3, Phase – Ii,Kasba Induatrial Estate. Kolkata-700107,West Bengal, India 
India Piyrrano Kniits (Ent. Venttura Garments) Venttura Garments Manufacture 1/157B, Kullegoundan Pudur, Mangalam Road, Andipalayam, Tirupur 641687 Tamil Nadu, India
India Vrt Exports Pvt. Ltd. Vrt Exports Pvt. Ltd. D-103, Hosiery Complex, Phase-Ii, Noida-201305
Indonesia Seidensticker International Ltd P.T  Seidensticker Indonesia Jalan P.T.P Ngobo Xviii,
Dusun Ngimbun,
Rt/Rw 1/3, Kelurahan,
Kecamatan Bergas,
Kabupaten Semarang,
Italy Guantificio Guantificio Via Laghi 51, 48018 Faenza, Italy
Italy Silkbridge Krawatten Gmbh Setalcomo S.R.L. Via Scalabrini 28/A, 22100 Como, Italy
Italy Santelli Francesca Srl - Via Cavalcanti 96 - Signa ( Fi ) Italia Pucci Lapo  & C Snc Piazza S. Angelo 4B - S.Angelo A Lecore, Signa
Italy Santelli Francesca Srl - Via Cavalcanti 96 - Signa ( Fi ) Italia Viti Sandro E C. Snc Via Agudio 7, Limite Sull' Arno, Firenze
Italy Santelli  Francesca Srl - Via Cavalcanti 96 - Signa (Fi) Italia Ambuchi & Bandinelli Via Pio La Torre, Scandicci
Italy Berettificio Framar Srl Berrettificio Framar Srl Via Campania 11  80017 Melito Di Napoli 
Italy Grimaldi Group Srl Grimaldi Group S.R.L. Via L. Leoni No. 20- 22100 Como, Italy
Italy Maglificio Ites Spa Gorini S.R.L. Via Grosseto 11 Aglian, Pistoia, Italy
Italy Sim Italian Gloves Srl Sim Italian Gloves Srl Via Dietro Corte   Zona Pip Lotto 15, Teverola Caserta, Italy
Italy Angiolo Frasconi Srl Angiolo Frasconi Srl Via Torricella 69, 50013 Campi Bisenzio - Firenze - Italy
Italy Raffaello Bettini Srl Raffaello Bettini Srl Via Roma 113, 50058  Signa, Italy
Italy Tessitura Albertazzi  Srl Tessitura Albertazzi  Srl Via G.Oberdan, 106 - 22060 Arosio, Como, Italy
Italy Pulcra Srl Pulcra Srl Via B. Cellini, 31, 59013 Montemurlo (Po), Italy
Italy Mannifattura C.B,M S.N..C Mannifattura C.B,M S.N..C Via Di Settola Snc- 51031 Agliana (Pt), Italy
Italy Gibiwear  Gibiwear S.R.L Via G Nerucci 3, 51031 Agliana (Pt), Italy 
Italy Kimberly Srl Kimberly Srl Via Scarpettini Nr.356
Italy Fratelli Talli Il Molino Di Marco Borgioli Via B.Buozzi 1 50058, Signa
Italy Calz.Enrico Gazzoli Calz.Enrico Gazzoli Via Garda,44/46  63015 Monte Urano(Ap)
Italy Top Tris Srl Top Tris Srl Via Delle Ville 267  55018 San Colombano-Capannori
Italy A.L.B Calzaturificio A.L.B Calzaturificio Via Monte Bronzone 1  24060 Bolgare (Bergamo)
Latvia Flare Trading Oy Sia Flare Riga Kengaraga Iela 10  1063  Riga Latvia
Latvia Sia Zalekua Sia Zalekua Rūpnīcu 4
Olaine 2114
Madagasgar Meridian Mikeo Knits Madagascar S.A.R.L. Batiment Filatex02,Zone Filatex Ankadimbahoaka, Antananarivo 101, Madagascar
Pakistan Ismail Sports Garments Ind Ismail Sports Garment Unit Ii Plot # 1-D/3, Sector-21, Karachi-74900, Pakistan
Portugal Elsa Ribeiro Elsa Ribeiro Rua Da Cova, 36  4770-488 Ruivaes Vila Nova Famalicao Portugal
Portugal Faria Macedo & Ca, Lda Faria Macedo & Ca, Lda Rua Do Carrico, 337, Creixomil 4835-034 Guimaraes, Portugal
Portugal Black Moda Somani-Sociedade Textil S.A. Rua Do Outeiro, 395 / 4795-542 S.Salvador Do Campo, Porugal
Portugal Confeccoes Lanca Lda Confeccoes Lanca Lda Sitio Da Cruzinha – Ap 30,  6201-908 Vales Do Rio,  Portugal
Spain Relaxx Footwear Relaxx Footwear Srl C/Republica De Chile S/N  30840 Alhama De Murcia Spain
Sri Lanka Eskimo Fashion Knit Wear (Pvt) Ltd Eskimo Fashion Knit Wear (Pvt) Ltd 44/16, Baseline Road, Kadirana North, Negombo
Turkey Finteks Tekstil Halı San Ltd Sti Ateks Tekstil S.Çeşme Mah. Atatürk Cad. Koclar Sok. No:45 K.Cekmece Istanbul
Turkey Finteks Tekstil Halı San Ltd Sti Finteks Istanbul Fty Ahmet Bayman Cad. No.18 Kat 4 Oto Sanayi Sitesi Levent 80660 Istanbul
Turkey Finteks Tekstil Halı San Ltd Sti Korteks Tekstil Malkocoglu Mah. Eski Edirne Asfaltı Gökler Is Merkezi No: 883 Kat:4 Sultangazi Istanbul
Turkey Giga Tekstil San Dış Tic Ltd Şti Giga Tekstil San Dış Tic Ltd Şti Dumlupınar Mah. Gözdag Cad. Leylak Sok. No:5 Pendik 34906 Istanbul
Turkey Giga Tekstil San Dış Tic Ltd Şti Giga Tekstil Dumlupinar Mah. Gozdag Cad. Leylak Sok. No:5 Pendi, Istanbul, Istanbul, Turkey
Turkey Giga Tekstil San Dış Tic Ltd Şti Tahoe Tekstil Dumlupinar Mah.Gosdagi Cad Cad.Leylak Sok.No:5 Bod, Istanbul, Istanbul, Turkey
Turkey Mts International Teks Dış Tic Menekşe Bozburun Cad. No:19 Merkez / Denizli, Denizli, Denizli, Turkey, 20100
Turkey Ekpen Tekstil Sanayi Ve Ticaret A.S.   Ekpen Tekstil Sanayi Ve Ticaret A.S.   Organize Sanayi 1. Bolge
Servegazi Cad. No:12,
20065 Denizli, Turkey
Turkey Hek Tekstil San ve Dis TicLtdSti Yesim Tekstil Kaynarca Mah.Emek Sokak.No:5 Kat:2 PENDİK, Istanbul, Istanbul, Turkey, 34890
Ukraine Lener Cordier Uklenco 48, Andriivska Street, Berezno, Ukraine
Vietnam Seidensticker International Ltd Seidensticker Vietnam Ltd Van An Commune, Chi Linh District, Hai Duong Province, Vietnam