List of suppliers and factories

Stockmann's goal is to provide transparent communications on its responsibility issues. Therefore the country of origin is marked on all Stockmann's fashion brand products, and we also publish a list over the factories and suppliers we are using.

In April 2014, Stockmann was the first Finnish fashion company to disclose its supplier and factory list. The list is updated regularly. Below you will find, by brand, the suppliers and factories with address information that Stockmann is using for its own brand garments, accessories and home area products. The list is updated in spring 2021.  The list of suppliers and factories producing for Lindex is available on Lindex' website.

Cap Horn
Construe, accessories
Casa Stockmann
Cut & Pret
Essentials by Stockmann
Noom Loungewear
Stockmann 1862
Stockmann Silk
Villa Stockmann