Key stakeholders

Stockmann Group's key stakeholders were identified and selected in conjunction with drawing up the corporate social responsibility strategy. Stockmann is a member in several organisations. Here is a list of Stockmann's memberships in associations and advocacy organisations.


Customers are our most important stakeholders. We want to improve our dialogue with our customers and better understand their needs and expectations towards Stockmann. Customer orientation is one of the core values of this company and it steers us strongly to place customers' needs first.


Stockmann is a good place to work. Our working atmosphere is great and we try to continuously improve it. We value our personnel and their commitment to the company. We reward success. Our goal is to be a sought-after employer on the labour market.

Shareholders and investors

Stockmann wants to be an attractive and sought-after investment target on the capital market. We have rewarded our Loyal Customers and gained a substantial amount of new shareholders by organizing Loyal Customer share option programmes.

Goods suppliers and service providers

We commit our suppliers and providers to our responsibility work. We collaborate with them to develop our partnerships in order to ensure good business environment conditions for all and the best possible service to our customers.

Authorities and organisations

We work actively with the authorities and various organisations. We network and promote sustainable development.