Social Responsibility

The social dimension of Stockmann's corporate social responsibility focuses specially on the Group's own personnel. The Stockmann Group strives to ensure the safety of the products it sells and the responsibility of the supply chain and production.


Responsibility for personnel is a key element in Stockmann's corporate social responsibility. Good personnel policy, a rewarding and fair-minded workplace and a motivating atmosphere are examples of responsible practices. The scope of Stockmann's social responsibility also includes occupational health and safety, employee satisfaction along with mental and physical well-being as well as training and career advancement. Stockmann appreciates its employees and the Group's divisions encourages the personnel to continuous self-development, as well as multi-expertise.

Regular training sessions starts already at the beginning of the career, and for example in the
Stockmann Department Store Division a thorough introduction has a long tradition. Also Lindex train its staff actively and encourage the personnel through training programs to also participate in the development of business. Read more about our personnel practices on our CSR reports.

Taking responsibility every day
Stockmann is proven to be a desired and considered as a nice place to work. The Stockmann Group has a large number of jobs and opportunities for different career paths.


Read more about our job opportunities.


Stockmann is a founding member of Transparency Finland, and organization that works to combat international bribery. Stockmann's operations in every country comply with local laws and regulations and are in accordance with the Group's core values and guidelines.