Responsible supply chain

Responsible, transparent and traceable supply chains form one of our CSR focus areas and are important for our stakeholders. Our reporting on the supply chain covers the buying practices in Stockmann’s own operations and Stockmann Group’s own brands’ supply chain, production based on risk assessment, and the ability to have an influence.

In the retail sector, the value chain – a product’s journey from raw material to customer – is often long and contains many stages. Most of Lindex’s products are our own brand products, designed by our own designers, and which cannot be purchased anywhere else. In the Stockmann department stores, the major part of merchandise are international brand products, but we carry also a wide selection of own brand products in women’s, men’s and children’s wear, as well as home and food products. As approximately two thirds of the Group’s revenue comes from fashion, we focus especially on responsibility in the fashion supply chain.

Our stakeholders, including customers and governmental and non-governmental organisations are showing increasing interest in our work in the supply chain. The questions raised include our buying practices, the countries of manufacture, our Supplier Code of Conduct, the right to freedom of association, living wages, human rights assessments, our own audits, and remediation for human rights violations.