Responsible selections

Sustainable products as part of department store selection

Stockmann department stores offer an extensive range of products, consisting of more than 1.7 million product titles. Our product range offers consumers opportunities to make responsible purchase choices. In the areas of fashion, cosmetics and household products, the choice includes products made from organic and recycled materials and products with an eco-label, such as the Swan Label, energy label or the Ökotex 100 label.

Stockmann encourages its sales persons to find out about the choice of eco-labelled products in their areas of responsibility and to offer them to environmentally conscious customers if necessary. Information for staff is available on the Stockmann intranet concerning the various labelling schemes on environmental aspects, sustainability and origin. Sales persons’ knowledge of eco-labels is surveyed annually in audits and is recorded in the audit reports.

The Stockmann Delicatessen food departments’ selections include more than 1,700 organic products and a large number of Fair Trade and other certified food products. Stockmann Delicatessens have a Marine Stewardship Council (MSC) certificate. The MSC-certified fish products consist of imported wild fish that is caught responsibly, without endangering fish stocks, and the origin of the fish is traceable all the way to where it was caught. We do not sell any endangered species as classified by the Finnish Ministry of the Environment and the Finnish Environment Institute. We favour Finnish fish products and fish products classified as ‘green list’ by WWF Finland.

Sustainable materials in our garments

In 2014, Lindex sold 16.3 million garments made from sustainable materials, which is an increase of 31 per cent on the previous year and represents 22 per cent of Lindex’s product range. The result exceeds the target set for 2014: 20 per cent of the product range.

The first organic cotton garments were introduced in Stockmann’s own brand products under the Bodyguard and NOOM labels. The NOOM organic cotton collection for women included three styles of basic t-shirts in various colours. These represented around 5 per cent of the NOOM autumn collection. The Bodyguard men’s collection included a sweater and trousers made of organic cotton. The sales results were positive and served as encouragement for further introductions of organic cotton garments.

Certified chocolate

Christmas is in particular the sweet season: during Christmas time we have hundreds of different sweets and chocolate products in our stores. In Christmas 2016 we offer even wider selection of certified chocolate. These products are made from sertified cocoa and the packages have the certificate labeling (UTZ, Fair trade, organic and Rainforest Alliance).  

Stockmann has 5 UTZ certified Christmas boxes of chocolates and 8 boxes of chocolates which have both fair trade and organic certificate. Also other certified Christmas chocolate products belong to the selection, e.g. UTZ certified Christmas calendar.

The department store in Helsinki city center has the widest selection of Christmas chocolates with 135 different boxes while other stores have a smaller selection. Responsibly produced chocolate has been a repeatedly discussed issue with our suppliers and we have decided that from 2017 UTZ certitified cocoa will be used in Stockmann Choco products.