Product policies

The Stockmann Group's divisions prepare guidelines on product selections and purchasing operations as necessary. Examples of our responsibility policies: 

Wood originating from natural tropical forests

Stockmann does not sell garden furniture manufactured from wood originating from natural tropical forests. Other products in Stockmann's selection manufactured from wood originating from natural tropical forests must have a certificate from the FSC (Forest Stewardship Council) or the PEFC (Programme for the Endorsement of Forest Certification).

Fish and shellfish products

Stockmann Delicatessens in Finland purchase fish and shellfish products from fish wholesalers. We favour Finnish fish and shellfish in our selections, depending on availability, and we promote the trade in certified fish and shellfish products. We consider the Marine Stewardship Council (MSC) certificate to be the best and most reliable label of sustainable fishing at this time. Certified fish in the Delicatessen's fresh fish counter can be identified by the MSC logo on the product's price tag and on the electronic information board. We broaden our range of MSC certified fish products as wholesalers launch new products on the market. Stockmann Delicatessens do not sell any fish or shellfish classified as endangered species in Finland (the 2010 Red List of Finnish Species). 


Stockmann Delicatessens in Finland only sell organic and freerange hens' eggs. Stockmann does not sell eggs from enriched cage egg production.

‘Worn' look jeans

The sandblasting method is not used in the manufacture of the own brand jeans sold at Stockmann department stores, Lindex and Hobby Hall. The method is banned by law in the EU and Turkey. Giving jeans a ‘worn' look using the sandblasting method can be hazardous to workers' health if it is carried out without proper protective equipment or training.


We do not accept cotton from Uzbekistan because of the human rights and environmental risks associated with the country's cotton production.

Animal rights

We respect animal rights in our operations and require the same of our goods suppliers. The suppliers of our fashion brand have committed to the following basic requirements, among others:

Angora wool

The fur must be collected from the rabbit by shearing or cutting the fur, and the procedure must be carried out in a way that does not cause the animal to suffer. Stockmann department stores' own fashion brand selections accept angora wool products only from suppliers that can prove the exact origin of the angora wool and the good treatment of animals. Lindex has decided to stop using angora wool for the time being.

Merino wool

We do not accept the mulesing of merino sheep.

Leather and fur

The leather used in products must be a by-product of meat production. The selections of the fashion chains do not include fur products.

Feathers and down

Feathers used in products must be by-products of poultry production. We do not accept the plucking of feathers from live birds.