Stockmann's new strategic direction

Stockmann started to revise its strategy in 2014 in order to improve the Group’s long-term competitiveness.  The new direction was set in late 2014.

Stockmann's strategy process moves forward

This process aims to improve Stockmann's competitiveness and profitability. As a part of the process following decisions have been made:

  • A new operating structure under three divisions – Stockmann Retail, Real Estate and Fashion Chains – will be introduced as of 1 January 2015 (announcement 18.12.2014, announcement 2.10.2014 and announcement 2.10.2014).

  • Stockmann will focus on the Group’s key businesses, Stockmann Retail, Real Estate and Lindex (announcement 18.12.2014).

  • A new owner is being sought for the Hobby Hall distance retail business (announcement 2.10.2014).

  • Seppälä’s operations will be downsized with only the best performing stores in Finland and Estonia remaining. Seppälä's stores in Russia, Latvia and Lithuania will be closed (announcement 18.12.2014 and announcement 2.10.2014).

  • To support Lindex's goal to expand on international markets Stockmann an operational Board of Directors for Lindex has been elected (announcement 2.10.2014 and announcement 1.12.2014).

  • Stockmann has decided to withdraw from its own electronics offering and to lease retail space in its department stores to Expert ASA Oy (press release 9.1.2015 and Interim Report Q1/2015).

  • Stockmann sells its subsidiary Seppälä through a management-buyout (announcement 2.2.2015 and announcement 31.3.2015).

  • Stockmann investigates the possibility to incorporate the real estate and retail operations into separate subsidiaries (announcement 13.2.2015).

  • Stockmann has reformed the Group's Management Team (announcement 2.4.2015).

  • An efficiency program is launched. Stockmann closes the Oulu department store and three Mega department stores in Moscow as well as Lindex stores in Russia (announcement 13.2.2015 and announcement 14.4.2015). 

  • Stockmann has decided to sell Academic Bookstore to the Swedish media company Bonnier Books AB (announcement 18.6.2015). 

  • Stockmann sells its department store business in Russia (announcement 27.11.2015).

  • Stockmann sells Hobby Hall busnisses to Finnish SGN Group. (announcement 28.4.2016).

  • Stockmann decided to transfer part of its ICT activities to Tech Mahindra (announcement 2.11.2016)


Stockmann – Signed for you

Stockmann’s new customer promise places the customer experience at the core of operations. A professional staff is key to making good on that promise. Our goal is to offer a top-notch shopping experience for customers both online and in the department stores by providing best-in-class service, an up-to-date mix of brands and styles, and by rewarding customer loyalty. 

On the video you can see Lotta, Tiina and Henri from the Helsinki city centre department store and former CEO Per Thelin.