Factory audits

The Stockmann Group engages in an ongoing dialogue and in regular auditing of the producing factories, both through its own audits and the BSCI audits to identify negative human rights impacts according to our risk analysis.

A total of 216 BSCI audits were conducted in factories located in risk countries that manufacture Stockmann’s own brand products for the company’s department stores and fashion chains in 2014. Of these, 128 were full audits and 88 reaudits. The BSCI audits are conducted by internationally accredited independent auditors. In addition to these external audits, the Stockmann Group’s CSR specialists working in our purchasing offices carried out 205 audits. Of these, 120 were full audits and 85 re-audits, while 159 were announced and 46 unannounced.

After each audit, no matter whether it is a BSCI audit, Stockmann’s own audit or an Accord inspection in Bangladesh, an audit report with corrective action plan (CAP) is put together. Each task on the CAP is given a deadline and progress is monitored. The most common findings are detailed in the risk analysis.

In the reporting year, 11 of our goods suppliers and 7 factories held the Social Accountability 8000 (SA8000) certificate, considered a best practice by the BSCI initiative, but not set as a requirement by the BSCI or Stockmann.