Environmental certificates      

Environmental management system in use for 10 years

The ISO 14001 environmental management system has been in use in the Department Store Division in
Finland for 10 years already. The ISO 14001 certification covers the functions of Stockmann's department stores and Academic Bookstores in Finland, as well as the Department Store Division's support functions. Over 80 per cent of the Group's personnel in Finland work in jobs falling within the scope of the certified functions.

Stockmann's central kitchen and ISO 22000 certification 

Stockmann Delicatessens and the company's central kitchen have an extensive internal qualityassurance system for product safety. The central kitchen complies with the legal requirements and those of the authorities, and is seeking to further improve its operations. Stockmann's central kitchen was granted ISO 22000 certification for food safety management in August.

MSC certificate for Finlands Delicatessens    

Stockmann Delicatessen reached an important milestone in 2012 when the fresh fish counters were the first in Finland to receive Marine Stewardship Council (MSC) certification, an international labelling system for sustainable fish products. The MSC products sold in Stockmann Delicatessens are part of a wider range of fish products available to customers. The MSC certified fish products consist of imported wild fish that is caught responsibly, without endangering fish stocks, and the origin of the fish is traceable all the way to where it was caught.