Stockmann Group's charity policy

As a part of social responsibility Stockmann donates each year money to non-profit public benefit organizations that fund education, culture, research and other social projects in the countries where the corporation operates. Charity can be supported through the chosen non-profit public benefit organizations that have clear declaration and principles. Stockmann Group's business units can also sponsor non-profit projects as a part of their commercial campaigns.

Stockmann has made its Christmas donation for the year 2016 to Hope - Yhdessä & Yhteisesti ry. By donating Stockmann wants to support its cooperation with Hope ry. The cooperation aims to help Finnish families with children that have limited means.

Stockmann does not in general grant minor contributions like lottery prices, promotional advertisements, or product donations.

Please send your donation application to the address:

Stockmann plc
Communications and CSR
P.O. Box 147
00381 Helsinki

Please note that in the application there need to be detailed information concerning the organization or project for which the funds are been raised for. In a case of favorable decision the applicant will be informed by letter or e-mail.