Carbon Disclosure Project (CDP)

The Stockmann Group provides annually information about climate change management in the Carbon Disclosure Project (CDP) report. On the report for the year 2015 Stockmann received a good score: 94 B. A high disclosure score (on a scale from 0 to 100) requires that the company is able to give detailed information on how it measures its carbon footprint and how it manages its emissions. The performance band grade (on a scale from A to E) tells about performance in managing greenhouse gas emissions.

Stockmann's disclosure score (94) was well above the Nordic and the Finnish average (82 C). In its sector, ‘Consumer Discretionary', Stockmann's result was the second best in Finland and third on the Nordic level.

Stockmann calculates its carbon footprint annually and based on that, responds to the CDP survey. Climate change mitigation and setting emissions targets is a central part of Stockmann's CSR work and environmental strategy also in the future.

See the full report of Carbon Disclosure Project 2015 Nordic results: CDP Nordic Report 2015