Bangladeshi factory accused of poor working conditions

In April 2014, a factory producing fashion products for Lindex was accused of poor working conditions in the Finnish media (YLE MOT).

Stockmann takes these accusations very seriously. The methods described in the accusations are against the Stockmann Code of Conduct and employee rights, and we do not approve of them. To investigate the accusations, we have made additional visits to the factory, re-audited the factory and interviewed its employees. The investigation has been conducted with discretion to protect the employees. Most of the interviews took place outside the factory, without the factory management's presence.

While there were several accusations of poor working conditions voiced in the media, the main case seems to be about harassment, centered around one person working in the middle management. Furthermore, the identified person does not work for a factory that produces for Stockmann. However, Stockmann is sourcing fashion products from other factories of the same group, owned by the same factory owner, for which we have started to take action on the matter.

As a result, we have raised the issue with the factory group management and factory group owner, underlining the Stockmann Code of Conduct and demanding a corrective action plan to be put in place. Special attention will be paid to the factory and the corrective action plan will be followed-up, along with internal and external audits as and other factory inspections in the future. To protect the integrity and safety of the employees, we do not disclose the factory name.

Working together with its suppliers and producers, Stockmann strives for continuous improvement in its supply chain. The Stockmann Code of Conduct, based on the BSCI Code of Conduct sets the minimum requirements for the factories producing products for the Stockmann group, and adhering to the Code is inspected with both internal audits conducted by our own local staff as well as external BSCI audits.

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