Memberships of associations and advocacy organisations

Stockmann has representation in several national and international organisations. The main organisations and Stockmann’s representative are listed below. The principal positions of trust of Stockmann’s Board of Directors and the Management team are listed in the Corporate Governance review.

Finnish organisations with representation from Stockmann:

Federation of Finnish Commerce

- Member of the board: CEO Lauri Veijalainen
- Legal Committee: Director of Legal Affairs Jukka Naulapää
- Communications Committee: Head of Communications Anna Bjarland
- Sustainability Committee: Director, Development Nora Malin
- Training committee: Head of Talent Management Pia Kuusisto
- Security committee: Security Manager Henry Kylänlahti
- Environmental Committee: Environmental Specialist Susanna Segercrantz
- Tax and Economic Policy Committee: Chief Financial Officer Kai Laitinen
- Community Planning Committee: Director of Real Estate Björn Teir
- Working life Committee: Senior Manager, HR Services Sari Nikula
- Chemical group: Environmental Specialist Susanna Segercrantz

Muoti ja urheilukauppa TMA ry

Board: Sales Manager Minna Pirttiaho-Timonen (vice chair)

Central chamber of Commerce

Board: Chairman of the Board Jukka Hienonen, 2013-

Helsinki Region Chamber of Commerce

- Board: Director of Real Estate Services, Markku Linnamäki
- Delegation: CEO, Lauri Veijalainen
- Committee for trade and services: Director of Real Estate, Björn Teir

East Office of Finnish Industries Ltd

Board: CEO Lauri Veijalainen


Swedish and international organisations with representation from Lindex

Swedish Standards Institute

Projects and committees: Product Quality Manager Agneta Häll

Swedish Chemicals Agency

Dialogue project: Product Quality Manager Agneta Häll

Sweden textile water initiative

Steering Group: Corporate Sustainability Manager Anna-Karin Dahlberg

Textile Exchange

Europe Board: Corporate Sustainability Manager Anna-Karin Dahlberg


International organisations where Stockmann Group is a member, currently without representation:

• The Accord on Fire and Building Safety in Bangladesh
• amfori BSCI


International organisations where Lindex is a member, currently without representation:

• Clean Shipping Network
• Clean Shipping Index AB
• Svensk Handel Stil
• Textilimportörerna
• Better Cotton Initiative
• Textile for recycling initiative Business for social responsibility (BSR)
• Swedish leadership for Sustainable Development (SLSD)
• Mistra Future Fashion
• ENTIS/Bioinnovation
• Wateraid